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Puma Expeditions
                                      THE SOURCE OF THE KNOWLEDGE
                      The constant search for the magnificent past of my ancestors has   taken me through the different regions of Peru, where I have found natural places of great beauty as well as Inka temples full of mystery and radiance.  I am lucky to have been born in the Andes,  and specifically, in Cusco which was the spiritual center and capital of the great Inka culture,  still called Qosqo - the Navel of the World.  Here, I discovered nature and its elements, the mountains and jungles with their spirits, and the Andean and Amazon peoples, who, like their  wise ancestors, are full of simplicity and respect for everything which surrounds them. Throughout my travels in the Andes and the coast of Peru, and my explorations of the Amazon, I have found many natives with great knowledge, and studied their philosophy and wisdom.  I invited them to give several conferences in the United States where we were able to meet with native peoples from many regions of the world.  These events culminated with an invitation to give a conference in the White House in Washington during 1995.
This extensive background gives me a  detailed knowledge of my country, and through Puma Expeditions I can impart a way to explore Peru in an deep, inner fashion that displays the essence of several marvelous cultures  Inka, Pre-inka and Amazonic, along with the powerful natural scenery that each region presents in its own spectacular show.  This mixture will make your visit to Peru the journey of a lifetime, full of interesting experiences with a seasoning of adventure, ecology, culture and even the truly sacred.
                                  Why Travel With Puma Expeditions
                        There are surprises in store for all those who explore Peru, a land of mystery and tradition located in the heart of the Andes.  Peru has many diverse environments.  There are the coastal deserts with their fertile valleys watered by rivers flowing down from the Andes. Snow peaks and massive mountains in the center of the country guard the most enchanting and marvelous Inka cities and temples.  In the east are low-lying jungles.  Here large areas have been declared national parks and ecological reserves due to a great diversity of plant and animal species; many of these are not only unique but are also in danger of extinction.  And if these riches were not enough, we can study culture, philosophy and art joined together in ancestral traditions dating back more than two thousand years.
                      Puma Expeditions has created different programmes  of exploration with a deep cultural objective, as well as adventure trips that do not require extensive hiking experience.  All you need is reasonable physical health and a desire for adventures.  We can count on expert guides who will share their wealth of knowledge of Peru and its culture and history.  For our more mystical and profound journeys we have specialists - natives with knowledge of ancestral ceremonies.
                      In our  adventure trips, we combine security and comfort - our spacious and waterproof tents are of double size, each with their own bath tent.  Our kitchen and dining tents allow us to offer the best in dining.  Avoiding the use of canned foods, we use only the natural foods typical of the area such as Quinoa Soup, or breakfasts of eggs, yogurt, granola, oatmeal, milk, fruits and teas of medicinal herbs.  Everything is specially prepared by our cooks who each year add new recipes based on natural products and with vegetarian alternatives.  A bilingual guide is always present with extensive knowledge of the culture, history and traditional customs of each region, as well as first aid.  The team is rounded out by our expert wranglers who manage the animals which carry both adventurers and their equipment.  For the river journeys, we have rubber rafts, life vests, protective helmets, oars, etc. along with experienced river captains and a good support team.  We also have the best range of vehicles for the terrain.
                    These features will make the trip through Peru more enjoyable and with our competitive prices, Puma Expeditions allows you the best opportunity to fulfill the journey of your dreams
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